Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boredom and Basket Cases

These are the beautiful outcomes of me being bored and lonely in my dorm yesterday morning. There is no greater feeling than taking good pictures of yourself. Well maybe its not the greatest feeling in the word but I still like these pictures a lot.

Yesterday was NOT a good day. It was boring beyond words. I had both yearbook orientation and Alcohol training in the same day. Thankfully, all those mandatory meetings are done with and I can just do school.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Yes. I was bored. No. I am not dissapointed in these shots. Yes. I have freakishly hairy extremities. No. I am not a wolf man. Yes. Get off my back.

So this is what happens when you stick Otis into an empty dorm room with just a hardcore camera and miscellaneous objects. He takes pictures of his legs and feet. I have more pictures of like my dorm but I don't like them very much.

I'm getting a little worried about the Art school at OU. I have heard some not so cool things about it's photography program. I am hoping that soon the teachers that are there, leave, and new, more exciting, ones take their place. Also, I have fully decided that it is necessary for me to double major in photography and video in order to be successful in the world. This will help me with getting jobs with media companies and things like that.

I hate my floor. They are the loudest bunch of idiots that have lived. Baseball? In a tiny little hall? Reallly? No. Hopefully they all get kicked out for drinking.

I do love having friends at college though. That makes it a lot more entertaining.