Thursday, May 21, 2009

Secret Wash

I don't believe I have updated ALL my fans on my J. Crew status. I GOT THE JOB! I'm so excited to be a J. Crew Sales Associate. I have to say the most exciting part of my job is walking around the store with my intense fitting room key. I also love dressing in really good clothes that make me look ten times skinnier than I actually am.

The only downfall to my job is that everyone that works there has already been friends for soooo long. They talk about their lives and their inside jokes while I fold t-shirts and smile at their passing words. Also, I am still in that time period where I am trying to impress them so I am afraid to show them my true self. Instead of being crazy and fun, I am constantly trying to do a good job and be serious. Also, some of the jokes that I tell seem to go either unheard or unnapreciated. Hopefully it gets better.

-- Otis on the move

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Frustrated and Administrated

I am a Yearbook nerd. It has been proven by all the emotions that come out of being in yearbook. If I were not a nerd, I would be ultimately unaffected by the yearbook class.

The first frustration is the SOPHOMORES! They just sit their and pretend to do work the entire class period. At least when I don't have something to do I dont trick Marsh into thinking that I do. I might just have to run over to sophomore row and pull their brains out through their nostrils. Fun.

My second frustration is MARSH! As mentioned earlier, the sophomores just sit at their computers surfing the Internet all day. When I am caught surfing the Internet I have commited an eternal crime that I will never be forgiven for. When THEY are caught surfing the Internet, Marsh decides that it is time for her to join in on this Internet adventure. Also, I don't much appreciate being hovered over. Especially when the hoverer is smacking their chips in your right ear. Infuriating.

My final frustration is simply BOREDOM! I have absolutely nothing left to do in this class. My job title is Photo Editor. I assign photographers to take pictures of things. So what do I do when there is nothing left to take pictures of? This:

-- Otis on the move

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"I'm a geenie in a bottle"

Hmmm. Nope. I'm pretty sure that this day was quite boring. The only slightly exciting thing that happened today was I recieved an honor rope to wear over my graduation gown. Matched with the blood colored cord that I will recieve ( I hate that my iPhone thinks I mean recurve when I say recieve) for giving blood I will be all primary colored out. The only reason why that was exciting is because it signals how close graduation really is.

To be fair though, it's hard to get excited about anything today when I am so excited about training at J. Crew tomorrow. My mom seems to be excited as well. Yesterday evening we traveled to Willowbend mall to pick out three new outfits for me to work in. I hope they will let me work this Saturday.

Proof that the school year is pretty much over:

Even Marsh has begun to give up on us doing actual work in class. Huzzah!

-- Otis on the move

Sunday, May 10, 2009

For realz???

So I'm laying in bed and I can absolutely not fathom that Graduation is a mere three weeks away. I can't believe we made it. All of us. We did so good by just reaching this epic moment in our lives. We all deserve our own speeches at the ceremony in which we thank God, our publishers, and our families. I'm so proud of us, mainly just me , Toups, Riggs, and Connor. Congratulations to Toups for being strong enough to go all the way to Louisiana for her college educations. You don't need to "grow a pair" because it already takes a lot of gonads to go on your own college adventure with no friends to guide you. Congratulations to Riggs for being just outgoing enough to apply to college. Everyone knows you can get into any college you want, but I think we were all a little bit scared that you wouldn't put out the effort to apply. Congratulations to Connor for getting into the Business school at UT...seriously you're a beast for that. Oh and congrats on not being truant too. And finally, congratulations to me for having enough courage to follow photography to OU. And congrats to me for finding such awesome friends to carry me through senior year. It's been great. I want to trick myself into thinking we will be together forever...I hope we will still be close. I miss us already.

-- Otis on the move

Friday, May 8, 2009

Night Shot


I went to shoot the dance show as well as the Baseball game tonight. Of course, they were both equally boring and equally artistically unsatisfying. SO. I decided I would do an experiment tonight. I went to the field by my mom's school and shot in the dark. I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who's Counting?!?!?!?! Calories...

"Hi. My name is Jeremy Otis and I am a fat ass. Could you please make me your fattest drink? Oh, you say that is the white mocha? That sounds delightful...I'll take that." 

That's what I SHOULD be saying when I pull up to the Starbucks window. Instead, I ignore that I am filling my body with fat and bile and pretend that I "need" the evil drink. If I wasn't running for an hour everyday and basically killing myself, I would definitely not be able to fit into my car anymore. Thank God for treadmills.

In more positive news, because I know ALL of my readers are dying for me to be happy. My heart is officially breaking for Africa. I want to go over there so bad and do my part in making it a better place. I am determined to walk African soil with a purpose. I don't want to just visit...I want to work. I don't know what I will do. Most likely I will go with either TOMS to deliver shoes, or I will just join a random mission trip. I would really like to go over with some kind of magazine and take pictures with order to educate the rest of the world about the problems over there. I don't know when I will go...but I will go.